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TI 6xx1,7xx1 FlashMedia driver for Linux | Call for help!


As the title mention, i'm calling for help to develop TI 6xx1, 7xx1 FlashMedia drivers, it is for the chipset included in some Laptops (I have HP Pavilion dv1071ea and the TI card is built-in via PCI...

TI has finally decided to develop drivers for it, so they hired and they have released binary drivers, but i donno how they forgot that drivers only fits the kernel compiled with, so as a result we have to use kernel 2.6.11 in order to use it sad , we sent many mails requesting them for sources but they never reply back also:

[wael@nasreddine tmp]$ modinfo tifm-1.8Vaio.ko
filename:       tifm-1.8Vaio.ko
license:        GPL
vermagic: preempt PENTIUMM gcc-3.3
alias:          pci:v0000104Cd0000AC8Fsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v0000104Cd00008033sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
parm:           major_num:int

it is licensed under GPL (WT ? yikes)

anyway there were some group of devels (actually one active till now) trying to get it working, they could till now make it recognise type of card etc.. but no mounting possible yet, so i am asking you if u are a bit familiar with drivers programming and u have a little time, to join them with developping it we'll appreciate it


imorgan page, the first page about the subject
pcixx21 project home page
tifmxx CVS repo where u can find the cvs files of the drivers, till now only revision 11 load in kernel correctly and identify cards

Thanks to everyone who is willing to help



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