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Is there anyone interesting in setting up an Arch Rollback Machine?

Hello Archers,

We developed the new Arch Rollback Machine (aka. A.R.M) and running the current A.R.M service api.

Several days earlier we have a disk failed, replacing the disk and rebuilding RAID brings ~2 days downtime. We are sorry for any inconvenience that happened thus, we are looking for anyone who interesting in setting up an A.R.M api service.

Our A.R.M architecture is consisted with 4 parts: `repo-arm-server` provides package searching api backend, `archrepo2` manages package file and database, rsync script based on cronjob syncs packages with upstream daily, and NGINX used as reverse proxy for better speed and security.

Source code and configurations can be found here ->

Server requirements:
* An average CPU performance, we allocated 2 cores of a dual Xeon L5520 @ 2.26Ghz and load average 0.9.
* 1GB RAM, larger is better.
* At least 300G HDD space to hold packages for about 1 year, larger is better.
* 100Mbps shared Internet connection could definitely handle it, currently we use ~100GB bw per month.
* It's running a not-too-old Linux :-)

You could use your own domain as alternative URL or provide us with IP address to do load-balancing and GeoDNS if requested.
Detailed setup guide is here -> … .M-Service

We appreciate any help here, and if you need we can help you to deploy.


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