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Xorg 7 supports savage DRI

I just wanted to let everyone who may be looking for it know that savage DRI is supported by Xorg 7 almost out of the box.

All you basically need is install or upgrade to new xorg and then install xf86-video-savage package enabling dri and glx modules as well as DRI lines in the xorg.conf.

Here are basic steps to follow.

If you already have old xorg installed then it may be a good idea to remove it before upgrading. Since it will normally refuse to remove itself due to all the stuff depending on it you should give it the -d option which means --nodeps and disables dependancy checking.

# pacman -R -d xorg

Then you have to make sure that you have testing repository enabled in your /etc/pacman.conf file. You just need to find the two [testing] lines and uncomment them:

Server =

Now you have to update your pacman database with the testing repository and install new xorg. With pacman it can be done with one command:

# pacman -Sy xorg-server

NOTE: In case it refuses to install saying that file already exists you can rerun the command with the -f option forcing it to install. This is however a bit risky since it is believed could break your system. I am not sure if that would be the case here though.

That command would look like this:

# pacman -Sy -f xorg-server

When xorg is normally installed you have to make sure that keyboard and mouse drivers are installed as well as your savage video driver.

This command will take care of that:

# pacman -S xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse xf86-video-savage

Now you have to configure your new xorg. Probably the easiest way is to use xorgconfig for that. It has to be ran as root

# xorgconfig


Make sure that when it asks you for the card you select savage which is number 23. Set your other options (such as for your keyboard, mouse and monitor) according to your hardware and preferences.

When it is finished it should have created a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file which now you have to edit to enable DRI, but also review it to see if all seems proper.

To enable DRI you have to uncommend the following lines like this:

# This loads the GLX module
    Load       "glx"
# This loads the DRI module
    Load       "dri"
 Section "DRI"
    Mode 0666

And then startx should work. Of course, it has to have something to load which is set in your ~/.xinitrc file.

That would be it, your savage chip should now have both direct rendering and 24 bit colors enabled and looking good. smile

Expert archers are free to make any suggestions, but there, I just wanted to share a little bit for those who may have been wondering about savage support in xorg 7.

Hopefully it helps someone.



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