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Home page package updates: link pkg-name to trunk? has the nifty pkg-updates, but I find myself too often go to the package page only to click "View Changes" i.e. trunk. Can we have the "pkg-name" link to trunk directly?

e.g. we have

  <td class="pkg-name"><span class="extra">psutils 1.17-5</span></td>
  <td class="pkg-arch">
    <a href="/packages/extra/i686/psutils/" title="Details for psutils [extra]">i686</a>/<a href="/packages/extra/x86_64/psutils/" title="Details for psutils [extra]">x86_64</a>

how about we change "pkg-name" to

  <td class="pkg-name"><a href=""><span class="extra">psutils 1.17-5</span></a></td>

or link to specifically the commit:

As a bonus, this also enables pentadactyl or vimperator users to follow hint by typing pkg-name smile

This silver ladybug at line 28...


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