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#1 2014-07-06 17:33:12

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Mailing lists permissions

I feel I may very well be missing something obvious, but how does one knows who can send mails to the different Arch mailing lists?

For instance, I believe arch-dev-public is for everyone to read, but only devs can send mails. I'm not sure how I know/where I read that, but I can't seem to find this information now. Looking at the different MLs on the mailman page, there might sometimes be hints in the description, but nothing clear: e.g. arch-projects has "No user discussion!" but that doesn't make it clear whether any (registered) user can send mails or not; arch-announce has "This is NOT a discussion list, so please do not abuse it." though I'm assuming users cannot actually send mail there; and some simply feature no hint, leaving us simply with the common text, found for all MLs: "To post a message to all the list members, send email to <email>"

I tried looking on the wiki, but seems whenever MLs are mentionned they simply link to the mailman page.


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Re: Mailing lists permissions

Also, … ch-general says

You must be subscribed to the list in order to post to it.

Is it true for other lists too? If so, this information should be present in the 'About' parts of other MLs.


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