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Resurrecting FreePBX PKGBUILD

We are fortunate to have a good PKGBUILD in the AUR for Asterisk, but unfortunately the FreePBX AUR has not been updated in years.  The out-of-date FreePBX PKGBUILD has not been much of an issue because for over half a year the latest version of Asterisk, Asterisk-12 in our AUR, was not even compatible with FreePBX.  However a few weeks ago, FreePBX released the beta for their much anticipated FreePBX-12.

There is a lot of support/configuration information for FreePBX on Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS but nothing from Asterisk (Digium) or FreePBX (Schmooze) for ArchLinux.  I have experience successfully downloading/compiling/installing Asterisk and FreePBX from scratch on Debian, but as a fan of ArchLinux, I would like to see a good working PKGBUILD for FreePBX to go with our Asterisk in the AUR.

So far I have cleaned up the prerequisite checks, sed scripts, most of the dependencies and am now starting to dig into the actual FreePBX installation scripts.  The differences between Arch and Debian/Ubuntu are the issues I am currently trying to resolve.

I think having an up-to-date PKGBUILD for FreePBX would be a great addition/companion application for the Asterisk PKGBUILD we already have.  So I am looking for people who would like to collaborate with me on this project and may have experience with FreePBX on ArchLinux or even experience with FreePBX on Debian/Ubuntu and would like to see an updated FreePBX PKGBUILD for ArchLinux.

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Re: Resurrecting FreePBX PKGBUILD

I would love to have a current version of FreePBX running.
I've installed Arch to run our ARM based system. FreePBX would make it so much easier to set up Asterisk for me. I'm sure there are tons of others out there.


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