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How to report a bug to kernel about Radeon driver?

Hi all,

       Some other people and I suffer from a Radeon driver bug since kernel v3.14 ( for more detailed information, please go to see this post ). The screen blinks rapidly after loading the radeon driver... It is OK in kernel version 3.13, but it begins to blink in v3.14.

       Three months pasts and the bug is still there. Maybe the kernel developers are not aware of the bug. In the kernel version 3.15, the problem still exists, so I plan to report the bug to the Radeon driver developers from the kernel team.

       But as a newbee in reporting the bugs to the kernel developers, can someone give me some guide on it? For example, where to submit the bug report and what I should to pay extra attention to when I describe my bug.

       Thank you very much! smile


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Re: How to report a bug to kernel about Radeon driver?

Use bugzilla.

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