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AUR PKGBUILDS 'capt-src' & 'cupscap', for Canon LBP6000 printer?

I need a driver for my Canon LBP6000 laser printer, so I'm looking in the AUR, I found 'capt-src' and 'cupscapt', would one of these work, if so, which one?


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Re: AUR PKGBUILDS 'capt-src' & 'cupscap', for Canon LBP6000 printer?

shows this :

cupscapt upstream site wrote:

NOTICE: the project is being rewritten from scratch right now. After rewrite it will appear under different name, and foo2capt will be deprecated. Please contact me if you want to help rewriting.

Last Update: 2013-09-12

capt-src builds the canon supplied driver for use on archlinux, and looks like  a better choice.

Keep in mind that other people with canon printers have varying (rather high) failure rates getting them to work on arch linux using canon drivers.
An often succesfull workaround is to check which PCL version (PCL5 , PCL 6 etc) the printer supports and install it as generic PCL5 or PCL printer.
That means you miss out on canon specific enhancements, but atleast have basic printing functionality working this way.

Booting with apg Openrc, NOT systemd.
Automounting : not needed, i prefer pmount
Aur helpers : makepkg + my own local repo === rarely need them


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