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#1 2014-07-22 16:54:55

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Missing Xorg.0.log With Sucessful xorg-xserver Install?

I recently installed Arch, xorg-xserver, and Gnome, but I noticed I don't have a Xorg.0.log, at least in the usual /var/log/ location. Another computer I installed Arch to a little bit ago however has the log. The main difference with this computer though is there is no DE installed, and I also recall installing some other xorg packages too (something for startx, a clock, and twm). It's also a x86 install, but I doubt that would matter.

I assume X is running without issue (since Gnome and apps run), but I'm curious to just check out the log for some things. Didn't notice anything on the wiki about a missing log either, and a quick online search didn't pull up anything widespread either. Anyone happen to have any ideas?

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#2 2014-07-22 17:05:57

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Re: Missing Xorg.0.log With Sucessful xorg-xserver Install?

if you happened to be using gdm, it forwards xorg logs to systemd journal since 3.12 … alctl.html


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Re: Missing Xorg.0.log With Sucessful xorg-xserver Install?

If you're using xorg-server 1.16 from [testing] repo, have a look in ~/.local/share/xorg/ : … 4#p1438544


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