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#1 2014-07-26 23:45:48

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elvish: An experimental Unix shell

Like fish:

Syntax highlighting ✔

Like zsh:

Right-hand-side prompt ✔
Dropdown menu completion ✔
Programmable line editor


A vi keybinding that makes sense
More intuitive multiline editing
Some method to save typed snippets into a script
A navigation mode for easier casual exploration of directories ✔


#2 2014-07-27 00:17:43

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Re: elvish: An experimental Unix shell

I've been using zsh for years, and have been testing fish on one PC for some time. Mixing nice features of fish with nice features of zsh sounds very nice, and adding a ranger-like navigation mode sounds even better. But this made me think - when I was playing with ranger, I liked its feature of using "f" (IIRC) to look recursively for files in the chosen directory. Is there any nice way to search for files and open them like that in the CLI (well, I guess one could write some function using the find command)? Maybe it is something worth implementing in your shell (well, your shell doesn't even open files, at least for now)?


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