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Lilo reference and kernel parameters on Wiki

Knowing, and much appreciative, of the fact that most Archlinux supporters are sticklers for exactitude in regard to technical writing, I wanted to mention one apparent error I noticed. It states here, … tion_Table , that "GRUB Legacy and LILO do not support GPT." However, if I understand correctly, according to the changelog for Lilo shown here, , indeed the most recent version (version 24) does have support for it: "Better support for GPT hard disks."

Incidentally, while on the subject, I wanted to ask a relevant question. If I enable the kernel config option to support GPT partitions while building a kernel, and I use legacy Grub to boot into its OS, would this setting cause booting to fail? Thanks.


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Re: Lilo reference and kernel parameters on Wiki

Feel free to correct/update/amend the wiki as you see fit - that's the way wikis work.

I think there would be very few people here still using GRUB Legacy, so it might be best to test it with GPT yourself.


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