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Step-by-step pro audio guide?

So I'm an intermediate user about to dive into the Arch/Gentoo type world. Right now looks like the only high-performance musician 'distro' for me, but I'd much prefer the Arch system if possible. Is anyone aware of a tutorial more basic than the wiki's pro audio entry? It's also not self-contained.

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Re: Step-by-step pro audio guide?

Why would you prefer arch?  What is it you are looking for?  What is not self-contained about that wiki page?  In what way could it be more basic?

I'm not being facetious, but these are questions we'd need answers to in order to provide any sort of help.  We can't help you find what you want unless you can clarify what that is.

I will say though, that in general, if you are looking for "step-by-step" guides simpler than that wiki page, you would likely not end up being happy with archlinux.  Arch is what you make of it, but you must make something of it, generally nothing comes preconfigured.

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Re: Step-by-step pro audio guide?

There is also CCRMA, which is built on top of Fedora and CentOS:


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