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#1 2003-11-25 11:23:16

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Sound and video drivers

I've been given a brief description of how device drivers are installed in Linux, but as I'm only used to windows, I really don't know how to do it. I have a Gamesurround Muse XL audio card and a Kyro Prophet 4000 XT TV-Out. Could I please get basic instructions on how to install the drivers for these? Also, as a side-question, how do I configure my network and the Internet? I'm using a router on a network with 2 other computers, and am using static IP addressing.

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Re: Sound and video drivers

For the network, edit /etc/rc.conf and add your static ip, netmask & gateway, remove the ! in front of gateway & eth0 and '/etc/rc.d/network restart'.
For the sound card check the supported devices list in & if it's listed, install alsa & configure it for your card (search the forum for instructions).
For the vga, a quick googling should give you answers...


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