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#1 2006-02-08 09:20:12

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I've downloaded Arch Linux 0.7.1 iso and burn to cd!During instalation I choose to install <base>,<lib> and <X11>.
I want to know which DE I 've got from CD-s?
And how can I run them?


#2 2006-02-08 10:02:05

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Re: Explanation?

On the 0.7 cd there is a file called packages.txt (it's in the /arch/pkg/setup directory), so I suppose there is one on the 0.7.1 cd too.

With the 0.7 X11 there came: blackbox, enlightenment, fvwm, and windowmaker

How to run them is up to you. You can choose to use a login manager (check the wiki for that) or you can start the x-server with startx (don't forget to configure it first).
Using startx you have to modify the .xinitrc file in your user's home dir.
If you would like to have another wm/de, use pacman to install it. For more info check again the wiki, or 'man pacman'.


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