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#1 2006-02-12 04:16:56

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Problem creating vcd's - maybe mjpegtools?

A few weeks ago I installed tovid from the aur repository and received errors when trying to create a vcd.  I did not think much of it.  But today I tried to create an mpeg slide show using digikam, which uses vcd or dvd creation and had similar problems.  This is the error message I am getting:

**ERROR: [yuvscaler] Could'nt read YUV4MPEG header!

I tried running images2mpg stand alone and get a similar error:

**ERROR: [ppmtoy4m] Expecting maxval == 255, not 65535!
**ERROR: [yuvscaler] Could'nt read YUV4MPEG header!
**ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Could not read YUV4MPEG2 header: system error (failed read/write)!

I'm curious if other people are having this same problem.  Google searches hint at a problem in digikam that needs patching but that was almost a year ago.


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