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[SOLVED] dhclient Fails with Ethernet Connection

Hey everyone,

I am trying to get Arch Linux installed on my desktop machine. In order to provide the installation CD with an internet connection, I have the computer plugged into the router via an ethernet cable. According to the wiki, the internet connection should automatically be resolved when install starts, but I am unable to ping anything.

Further, running

systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp5s0.service
systemctl start dhcpcd@enp5s0.service

results in
"Job for dhcpcd@enp5s0.service failed. See `systemctl status dhcpcd@enp5s0.service" and "journalctl -xn" for details"

Checking systemctl status dhcpcd@enp5s0.service reveals the following

enp5s0: IAID 35:9f:1d:d9
enp5s0: soliciting an IPv6 router
enp5s0: soliciting a DHCP lease
enp5s0: no IPv6 Routers available
timed out

How would I go about troubleshooting this in order to resolve an internet connection?

EDIT: Sorry for not doing proper research before posting, but according to this thread:, I needed to enable IOMMU in the BIOS Settings of my GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3 and add iommu=soft to my kernel boot settings.

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