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[SOLVED] Default nftables.conf does nothing?


I'm currently playing around with nftables (Kernel 3.16.3-1, nftables1:0.3-3) . I noticed that loading /etc/nftables.conf which comes with the nftables package either by using

> systemctl start nftables


> nft -f /etc/nftables.conf

does nothing, as it seems. It does not give an error but trying to list the currently loaded tables using

> nft list tables

also returns an empty output. Looking at the /etc/nftables.conf file, I noticed that when I change the line

table inet filter {


table ip filter {

(and removing one line specific to ip6) and then reload the rules, the table seems to be added correctly:

> nft list tables
table filter

Am I overlooking something? Is "inet" still unsupported or broken? If it is not supported yet, maybe the included config file should not advertise a "Safe Firewall". But even then, why doesn't nft fail with an error?

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Nevermind - I should have listed the tables using

> nft list tables inet

as "ip" is the default family.

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