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Live CD hangs on boot

So I've recently built a new computer and planned to dual boot Windows with Arch Linux.

I created a USB Live pen from Windows using the procedure described in the Begginer's Guide. I checked that the iso file wasn't corrupted. Then I booted from the USB live pen and pressed enter at the first option to boot Arch-Linux. The program immediately halted at "Triggering uevents". I went to dig a bit deeper on the problem and set the kernel option "loglevel=7" to see what was the problem. Apparently the problem has something to do with switching to the nouveaufb driver from EFI vga. The last line that appears on the log screen before it halts is "fb: switching to nouveaufb from EFI VGA". After that, nothing further happens and the system doesn't respond to any keypresses at all.

I run a i5-4690 and a GTX970 if that's any help. I wish I could provide more details but since I can't get the system to even boot at all there isn't much in the way of logfiles I can provide.


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Justin D.
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Re: Live CD hangs on boot

I have the same graphics card, and the same issue.

Adding nomodeset to kernel options got it to boot on my system.


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