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#1 2006-02-14 14:16:31

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[DISCUSSION]Encrypted Root Filesystem


I just want to discuss a bit more the wiki entry about encrypted root filesystem ( … Filesystem ) which i seek to have now on my root/home/swap

I understood how to make root encrypted (yet i haven't tried it) and before i go for it i need just a little more explination so i can understand how it really works, so this wiki explains on how to encrypt root and what mkinitrd.conf entry to change/add but am confused on how to add a home partition, do i have to add it to mkinitrd.conf as well? what about making it mounts without asking for a password?, if you look carefully on the Ubuntu howto -> you'll notice that he use /etc/keys/home in order to unencrypt home partition without password, but anyway if u can't mount root, you'll never mount home ..

also he use /dev/random in order to create a new key on each boot to mount swap.. will i have also to add that mkinitrd.conf entry to swap ??

Can somone please clarify a bit more those points and/or edit the wiki entry so we'll get a global view on the issue ?



#2 2006-03-01 20:32:07

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Re: [DISCUSSION]Encrypted Root Filesystem

I used that guide fot encrypt my root partition. I don't use a seperate partition for home though, just one big nice root (/). Boot and swap is not encrypted. It would be nice to encrypt swap though, even though I don't think suspend to disk will work then?

Sorry that I can't help you much, just wanted to say I'm using it and no big problems.


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