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#1 2006-02-15 13:11:34

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??? just a rumour or official news ???

arooaroo wrote:

...Arch wouldn't need to merge since Judd gave a strong indication in his interview the other day that Arch would officially support the x86-64 port in the near future.

Totally :shock: ed.

Let's see what news the #irc meeting on Sunday will bring. But maybe it's a strange way to make such a decission public :?. Did Judd make his own port so I can stop my work  :?: lol

I haven'n been listening to the interview so far. And I only have a damned Wintendo thinclient here @work what has no sound output at all :evil:

Andy64RTR lol


#2 2006-02-15 13:37:43

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Re: ??? just a rumour or official news ???

Well, that's what he implied in his interview. I don't think it means he's been secretly working on his own 64bit port, but rather Arch64 has been making good progress that it may make sense to merge it into the official Arch family.

Listen to the TLLTS interview yourself (once you're at a PC that can play sound!) to see what how you interpret his statement.


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