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#1 2006-02-17 22:37:42

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modprobe cciss not working in 0.7.1 but works in 0.7 CD

Thanks in advance for any help.  I'm installing Arch on an scsi raid partition.  Both drives are connected to a compaq smart array 532 controller.  After booting from the 0.7 base arch cd I can do a modprobe cciss and then do cfdisk /dev/cciss/c0d0 which lets me partition the raid setup or I can do mount /dev/cciss/c0d0p1 to mount the first partition on it.  When I boot from the 0.7.1 full CD though, I can do modprobe cciss but under /dev I only see DIRECTORIES instead of device names with exclamation points at the end such as /dev/cciss/c0d0p1! but I can't mount any of them (or at least I can't find the device name in there that will work.)  Obviously 0.7.1 handles this differently than 0.7 and cfdisk /dev/cciss/c0d0! or c0d0 tells me there's nothing to read.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks again for any help.


#2 2006-02-21 14:52:43

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Re: modprobe cciss not working in 0.7.1 but works in 0.7 CD

i've got a problem too with the same hardware configuration and 0.7.1 CD

i can modprobe cciss and see my partitions in /dev but the installer doesn't even see the disk !

another problem with this 0.7.1 release...

I'm more and more disappointed by ArchLinux development, i think the devs want to go too fast, not enough testing...


#3 2006-02-25 11:20:09

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Re: modprobe cciss not working in 0.7.1 but works in 0.7 CD

They probably don't have that sexy hardware lying around which is why they need your input on the mailing list.

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