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USB Card Reader mounting problems in Gnome

Hello again..

OK I've got  everything working the way I want except my USB Card Reader..

Here's my problem..

without putting any entries into /etc/fstab, when I insert my USB Card Reader into my USB port (I always have the SD card inserted into the reader before I plug the reader into the USB port), gnome recognizes it and puts these two devices into the 'Computer' window as shown in this screenshot

Screenshot 1

now my problem is that when I try to open the SD card it gives me an error telling me to run dmesg | tail which then tells me:

VFS: Can't find a valid FAT filesystem on dev sdb.

which tells me that it is trying to mount /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb1, which is where the partition on my SD card is located..

Now if I do put an entry into fstab, such as:

/dev/sdb1              /mnt/usb      vfat      user,noauto,umask=002   0      0

some strange things start to happen

now I always have a 'usb' entry in my 'Computer' window as seen here

Screenshot 2

but when I insert the card reader it recognizes only one side of it immediately as seen here:

Screenshot 3

until I actually double click the 'usb' device and it then mounts the disk but fore some reason names it 'usb (2)' and it then puts the MMC/SD reader device in but I get the same error as before if I try to click on that, as seen here:

Screenshot 4

Is there some way to make udev (i'm guessing that's what puts the two items into gnome without a fstab entry) try to mount sdb1 instead of sdb?  that way I could just open the 'Zio Corp Multi CardMMC/SD' device, and hopefully it would automatically put an icon on the desktop...



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