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Nv driver issues

I figure this is the place to put this because the problem is on a laptop and it's not really a hardware problem.

I have installed all the updates and am running an archck kernel on a dell inspiron 9400 right now. It works fine except suspend to ram is broken (and I can't get any debugging out of it because it turns off the screen) and suspend 2 to disk works as long as I'm not using the nvidia driver. Well, searching for how to suspend with the nvidia driver hasn't helped and all the forum posts I've run into are left unresolved, so I thought I would just use the nv driver for times that I didn't need fast 3d. With the nv driver, the suspend to disk works fine. The only problem is that everything is all glitched up with the nv driver. Even before a suspend/resume. The nv drivers work fine in ubuntu and suse, and the suspend to disk with "vanilla" (as in, the installer directly off of nvidia's site) nvidia drivers works fine in suse.

What would help is either finding out how to get the nv driver to not be glitchy, or to get the laptop to suspend to disk with the nvidia driver.

(By the way, suspend to ram works from text mode on the stock arch kernel if you use vbetool to save the state first and then do a vbetool post before restoring the vbe state on resume.)

Any help would be appreciated


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