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#1 2006-02-19 10:55:21

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conflicting header files

i've posted this question in #archlinux channel too but no one answered me (maybe because it's sunday morning and the most of the ppl is sleeping smile) so i hope i'll be more lucky here..
anyway.. i have a problem during the installation (from source) of a library....the problem is that the include files of this library have names that are already used by other include files installed in /usr/include ... so i tried to install these include files in /usr/include/cdk.. but the problem is that these files refer each other with (for example) #include <menu.h>  so when i include them all these references don't work...
is there any way to solve this problem? (i would like to avoid using /usr/local/include directory)

i've got another question too.. which is the file where i can set the header files search dir? and where is the one that defines the /usr/include and /usr/local/include search dir? i thought it was /etc/profile but i was wrong..
someone told me to try in .bashrc but i didn't find anything in it..

thanks smile


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