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#1 2006-02-21 22:22:59

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Ugly Utopia italics in Firefox

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, as most, but not all, of the italics of the font Utopia look ugly in Firefox. Normal Utopia text looks quite nice, though. But, for example, while browsing SimpleMachines based forum some itaclic text looks nice, but most of it looks ugly. Italics in quotes look nice, but italics elsewhere in the post look ugly. And all of the italics on general HTML pages look ugly.

It looks skinnier than regular text, and as though it is not anti-aliased. How come?  This doesn't happen with other fonts, or with other programs. I'd really like to use Utopia, but because of this problem some of the text is nearly illegible.


Edited: Setting mimimum font size to 12 or bigger solves the problem (depends on the page in question, sometimes 14 is needed, and for some reason on these kind of pages sizes below 14 don't have any effect on the size of the text either). However, I would not like to use fonts this big.


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