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#1 2006-02-21 23:10:10

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AMD Duron... not i686???? Will arch install[SOLVED]

I thought i had this figured out.  Arch would not install on my AMD k6, then realized that it was i586.  Read somewhere else that my Duron box was classified as i686.  Running sisandra, though, i find that it is listed there as also processor family 5...  Does this mean that i cannot run arch in this box either.  On the k6 i could not even get the install prog to start.  On the Duron i do start to install, although i interrupted it to do more windows housekeeping.  Does anyone have any experience running arch on an AMD Duron, approx: 600mHz processor???  Getting frustrated.


#2 2006-02-21 23:11:25

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Re: AMD Duron... not i686???? Will arch install[SOLVED]

AMD Duron and Athlon are AMDs first i686 CPUs, so they should work fine.


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