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#1 2003-12-01 23:03:52

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nforce (again)

I've read a couple of posts on this board about using a mother board with an nforce chipset - how do you do it?

I'm planning on installing arch on my computer tomorrow, but obviously I won't have internet access if the nforce net module doesn't work.

I tried doing a dummy run, on my vmware arch installation, which failed(something about dodgy parameters)

I also plan on downloading and compiling a vanilla kernel (2.4.23) and using that - not certain if that will cause any issues.

Any words of advice...?


#2 2003-12-02 02:04:43

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Re: nforce (again)

Download the nvidia nforce driver for linux. Then extract the file and burn it to a cd so you can easily access it later. Once the system is up and running put in the cd and then go into the nvnet portion of the driver. then do a make, then make install.
I would suggest against the audio driver in that package as the 2.4.23 kernel has the nvidia audio driver in it.  2.4.23 also has the agpgart for nforcce mobo's so you don't need the agp from the drivers aswell. That's why I am saying go into the nvnet section of the driver and do the make, make install.

You can do this method with a base install or a full cd install and it should work. Just make sure you add nvnet to modules in rc.conf and/or etc/modules.conf with alias eth0 nvnet.

Whenever you upgrade to a new kernel or use a differnet kernel you will need to reinstall the nvnet driver though.


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