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SPDIF doesn't work on Intel AC97

Hi Everybody!

I'm new to the forum (I used the german forum a couple of times) and this is my first post in here since I'm using ARCH. I switched from Debian to Gentoo back to Debian and now I'm using ARCH for almost half a year. Up to now it's the perfect distro for me since it has almost everything that satisfys my needs. It also has a great community (from what I've seen at the forums) and so I'm really optimistic that someone can help me with a little problem which I also had in every distro I used before. I have a Intel AC97 onboard soundchip which also supports digital output. The problem is that only the analog output works and I have no idea how to activate either the optical port or the coax port. Whenever I connect my speakers to on of them I do not recieve any signal. I already searched the forum to find an answer but nothing I found seemed to work. Maybe somebody has an idea about this or can help me solving this problem.



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