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#1 2006-02-27 01:54:51

Rev. Nathan
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Gnome - Modules Do Not Load!


Just got Arch up and going, and using GDM. Problem -- Most of Gnome's modules do not load! The menu, time, system monitor, and sound work... but BIG ones like desktop switcher, window manager, window list, and so on... do not load! These are important! Anyone else experienceing this, or can help me?

Also, how do I use pacman not in root (while logged into GDM)?

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#2 2006-02-27 02:51:55

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Re: Gnome - Modules Do Not Load!

Make sure that libxres package is installed

pacman -S libxres

for your second questions, if u are asking about switching to root from user, i.e using su, your user must be within the wheel group, under root do

gpasswd -a username wheel

u can also use sudo,

pacman -S sudo

edit /etc/sudoers and either uncomment the %wheel ALL = (ALL) ALL (Your user must be member of the wheel group), or add at the end of the file, username ALL = (ALL) ALL

hope that helps


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Re: Gnome - Modules Do Not Load!

[deleted - previous post explains it all]


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