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@all dwm users: let's go to fvwm

It's my very basic dwm-like implementation, but works.
I use it instead dwm and I will add any features according to your wishes.



Ctrl + Alt + Enter -- launch a terminal (/usr/bin/urxvt)
Alt + Enter -- place window to the master area
Alt + T -- tiling
Alt + M -- monocle

DestroyFunc FuncDwmSetMaster
AddToFunc FuncDwmSetMaster
+ I Current (*) SetEnv DWM_MASTER_$[desk.n]_$[page.nx]_$[page.ny] $[]
+ I FuncDwmTileH

DestroyFunc FuncDwmTileH
AddToFunc FuncDwmTileH
+ I All (*) WindowStyle WindowListSkip
+ I All (CurrentPage) DestroyWindowStyle
+ I PipeRead "echo WindowId \$[DWM_MASTER_$[desk.n]_$[page.nx]_$[page.ny]] Move 0 0"
+ I PipeRead "echo WindowId \$[DWM_MASTER_$[desk.n]_$[page.nx]_$[page.ny]] Resize frame 65 100"
+ I PipeRead "echo WindowId \$[DWM_MASTER_$[desk.n]_$[page.nx]_$[page.ny]] WindowStyle WindowListSkip"
+ I UpdateStyles
+ I ModuleSynchronous FvwmRearrange -tile -u -h 65 0 100 100
+ I All (*) DestroyWindowStyle

DestroyFunc FuncDwmMonocle
AddToFunc FuncDwmMonocle
+ I Maximize

Key Return A CM Exec /usr/bin/urxvt
Key Return A M FuncDwmSetMaster
Key T WFST M FuncDwmTileH
Key M WFST M FuncDwmMonocle

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmEvent: *
*FvwmEvent: Cmd
*FvwmEvent: add_window FuncDwmTileH
*FvwmEvent: destroy_window FuncDwmTileH

Module FvwmEvent

It's very simple to make any cool features.

For example, remove -h, and you get vertical tiling instead horizontal!


Find and replace (Resize frame 100 65) and (FvwmRearrange -tile -u 0 65 100 100)

Any suggestions?


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