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GDM and xsession/xinitrc won't cooperate

For some reason I am having problems getting GDM to deal with my sessions correctly.

What I want is GDM with the option to run either gnome or fvwm via my xinitrc file. As I understand it, GDM doesn't look for the xinitrc file when starting but rather the xsession file so I created a link to point from xsession to xinitrc. I know this works with other distros but for some reason it didn't work in this case (does it work for anyone else?) and instead of fvwm I got logged into some other wm, twm I believe. I searched the whole pc for xinitrc and xsession files but I couldn't find anything that looked like it was starting twm.

Eventually after reading a load of various docs I discovered that GDM also looks for a file named xprofile so I created a link from that to xinitrc and everything seemed to work, choosing the "default session" from GDM started everything correctly.

I didn't test gnome though.

About a week later I wanted to login to gnome but choosing the gnome session instead took me into fvwm. Renaming the xprofile link allowed me to log into gnome successfully.

What can I do to get GDM working correctly and allow me to log into either gnome or my xinitrc session?


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