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OS X like multitouch gestures, Apple trackpad and others

I've been using a MacBook Pro for a few weeks now (with OS X -- I borrowed it, can't install another OS), and I've really fallen in love with the multitouch gestures. I'm contemplating on maybe getting a MacBook Air in the future, but of course installing some form of Linux (probably Arch) on it.

So the question follows; is there a way to configure similar gestures on Arch? With comparable compatibility and precision?

The gestures that I think are the best (and hence most important for me), are: use one finger as pointer and then click with another finger, three finger window move, three finger text selection, four finger ``overview" and finally four finger workspace switching.

Bonus question: is the Apple trackpad somehow special, or is it possible to pretty much set these up on any mousepad (or which mousepads)?


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Re: OS X like multitouch gestures, Apple trackpad and others

The MacBook wiki page has a section on touchpads.

I have a MacBook Air and use the mtrack driver and it works well. It will require some configuring to get the desired sensitivity/etc.

One finger pointer one finger click seems to have worked out of the box for me with mtrack. The rest of this will require some tinkering. For example, I've configured three finger swipe for workspace switching. In KDE I bind a certain key combo to move to the left/right desktop then bind that to the three finger 'button presses.'

Check out the mtrack readme for everything else you can configure. And check the wiki for questions like these in the future, you'll almost always find and answer.

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