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#1 2003-12-04 11:52:04

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Different kernel during fresh install?

Well, I am wondering if it is possible to install a differnent kernel than 2.4.21 during the install process? I would like to use 2.6-test11 and not mess with the 2.4. series at all. If there is a way please let me know.

Also, I would like to create a bootable Arch linux base install cd. I can leave the one the way it is I just want to be able to boot with the Arch base cd with the 2.6-test11kernel. If there is a way to just replace the kernel on the cd please let me know. I am willing to do whatever it takes. smile

The main reason for this is I use sata and I found the 2.6-test11 seems to work with it. But booting with 2.4.21 is more of a pain than anything for me. If I could make both of the above changes it would make my life and linux world so much easier and nicer.

Any replies are greatly appreciated.


#2 2003-12-04 20:16:23

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Re: Different kernel during fresh install?

You could probably not install a kernel, then when you finish with the curses installation program chroot into the system and pacman -S wget, then wget
Then compile it. When you're done, type exit to get back to the console, and then reboot.


#3 2003-12-04 23:18:50

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Re: Different kernel during fresh install?

Geez, what's with you people and chroot... there are other ways to do things.  Check out pacman's -r arg.

Building it yourself through the install is basically what the installer does when it gives you that option.  Even then it'd still be faster than a gentoo install wink

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