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Broadcom BCM4352 Driver Install

Hello form,

This is very much a "newbie" question where I have probably got the whole concept wrong. I have a laptop with a Broadcom BCM4352 wireless device. When I boot up, I do not see any wireless interface (no wlan or alike).

If I lsmod | grep brc no results are returned. I then modprode brcmsmac and try the lsmod | grep brc again with the following results.

brcmsmac              532199  0 
cordic                 12352  1 brcmsmac
brcmutil               13093  1 brcmsmac
bcma                   46116  1 brcmsmac
mac80211              608652  1 brcmsmac
cfg80211              453926  2 brcmsmac,mac80211
led_class              12855  2 brcmsmac,hp_accel

However, I still have no wireless interface available. Also if I reboot, I have to modprode brcmsmac again. Is that right?

Any help or advice on this one will be gratefully received...

Harold Clements


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Re: Broadcom BCM4352 Driver Install

Install broadcom-wl from aur, unload the brcmsmac and load the wl module.

Evil channel op and general support dude.
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