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#1 2006-03-08 18:40:41

Gullible Jones
Registered: 2004-12-29
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Compiling and running ToME in home dir: very weird error

I rather prefer having games in my home directory if possible, but when I compile ToME in my home dir in the usual way:

make -f makefile.std

preceded by the installation of Lua and followed by copying the tome binary and the tome-233-src/lib directory into the same folder... I get this crazy error when I try to run it:

tome_dofile_anywhere(): file ./lib/mods(mods_aux.lua) doesn't exist in -more- 
 ./lib/mods/mods_aux.luo. LUA: error: attempt to call a nil value LUA: -more- 
 ERROR in lua_cal while calling 'max_modules' rom call_lua. Things -more- 
 should start breaking up from now on! -more-

... And then ToME goes Cyrillic:

But that's not all. The real corker is that this happens *only* (and invariably) when I'm using KDE. If I'm using Gnome, this *never* happens; Pzubik's PKGBUILD also works, *every* time. Could someone help me get rid of this crap?


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