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#1 2006-03-14 15:25:14

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aalib, libcaca, mplayer and... (what?)

I've been trying to get aalib to work to play videos in ascii format, but I can't really figure out how. I have installed aalib and libcaca, and also the gst-plugins-aalib package, but where it says that it works with totem and mplayer, it doesn't, for me, anyway. I've noticed that the pkgbuild for mplayer has "disable aa" in the build code - is that why? I've also tried to compile mplayer without that flag, but it exits with the error:

Error: The GUI requires the X11 extension XShape (which was not found).

Check "configure.log" if you do not understand why it failed.
Makefile:7: config.mak: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `config.mak'.  Stop.

Any help?


#2 2006-03-14 22:06:29

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Re: aalib, libcaca, mplayer and... (what?)

Yes, you need to recompile mplayer for aalib support. It seems that you are missing some X extensions, check if you have xextproto installed (the error is actually about the gui, if you don't need that you can disable building of it with --disable-gui).


#3 2006-04-03 12:53:08

From: Arica, Chile
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Re: aalib, libcaca, mplayer and... (what?)

hi... you can build the package from abs
something more... to get working the caca video output you must install the slang package before
"pacman -S slang"



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