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LXDE/XFCE4 random freezes

Hi guys,

I changed to LXDE/Openbox recently and got random freezes. During the "freezes" I can still move the mouse around and click on things but nothing happens. I cannot move windows, I cannot start any programs, the windows I click on don't come to the front, keyboard shortcuts don't work. I can only move the mouse around and change to a tty.
First I thought it's because of openbox so I installed compiz and activated it but the freezes still occur. The freezes mostly appear after 10 minutes of working on random things (browsing the web, doing some configuration work, writing scripts, etc.)

Then I thought I'd give XFCE4 a try so I installed it. The freezes also occured on xfce! On KDE (plasma5), enlightenment and i3 everything works fine.
I'm currently running plasma5 with compiz as the window manager and hadn't had a freeze since (it's about 2-3 hours now).

I checked the logs via journalctl but there is nothing suspicious there.

I have absolutely no idea how to debug this or where to look for hints.
It looks like it's a GTK related problem but I cannot confirm this.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you!


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