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#1 2006-03-28 19:37:57

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Python: Kid and HTML Entites

I'm currently looking into kid and think it's very nice, but I got a simple problem, I need to render a table with lots of cells containing only  , but kid removes all the  .

I hope you got an idea why.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<html xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
<table id="map" style="width:500px">
<tr py:for="row in map">
    <td py:for="field in row" id="f_${field.x}_${field.y}" class="wall${field.wall} ${}">

Part of the Result:

    <td id="f_0_(0, 0)" class="wall8 grass"/>
    <td id="f_1_(0, 0)" class="wall0 grass"/>
    <td id="f_2_(0, 0)" class="wall0 grass"/>
    <td id="f_3_(0, 0)" class="wall0 grass"/>
    <td id="f_4_(0, 0)" class="wall2 grass"/>


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