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Problems with audio output frequency/tempo [SOLVED-ish]

Hey everybody

The most recent pacman -Syu I did has caused a problem in the audio output of a lot of my programs. Specifically, when xine, juk, or amarok try to play any audio, it sounds as if the audio has been compressed (ie everything is at a higher frequency), but the sound is skipping/popping once ever one or two seconds to keep the output synchronized.

I've tested MP3 audio files, ogg audio files, and video files with MP3 encoded audio and had the following results:
Player | mp3 | ogg | avi
xine | bad | bad | bad
juk | bad | bad | ---
amarok | bad | bad | ---
mplayer | fine | fine | fine

From what I've seen, my games all output their sound just fine (that is, I haven't noticed any problems yet). Does anyone know what kind of change could have been made in the past two to three days that would cause this behaviour (I'm not familiar with how to look up changes made to my system chronologically)? What additional information can I provide that could be of help?

Thanks, Woogie


Well it's amazing what rebooting will do, even on a Linux system but uh ..... yeah, I still have no idea why or how that happened the way it did. I'll add a reply onto this post when/if the problem crops up again.


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