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Difference between gnome-session and gnome-shell?

Hey all,

After installing the proprietary nvidia drivers and the libgl, exec gnome-session in my .xinitrc gives a "system cannot recover error" when startx, however, gnome-shell runs just fine. What is the difference between the two commands?

from my dmesg this seems to be the most relevant error when the gnome-session fails

[ 6397.377341] kactivitymanage[6066]: segfault at 7f4c78c28d10 ip 00007f4c78e72881 sp 00007ffd0b21ef08 error 4 in[7f4c78e5c000+41000]


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Re: Difference between gnome-session and gnome-shell?

by default gnome.session starts gnome-shell and gnome-settings-daemon, so your issue could be caused by the latter.

gnome-session should also autostart everything from autostart directories (~/.config/autostart/ etc.), while plain gnome-shell might not.


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