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Help with the configuration files.[SOLVED]

I just noticed I lack the skill to install Arch. Man, I thought I could wait for the heavy stuff until I had the system up and running but no, no. Anyways, I still want to install it. But I have no idea how to configure these configuration files myself. I'm reading thru this Arch installation guide it's pretty implicit about what to actually do. So what I'm looking for is a set of configuration files I can just copy. Where can I find that? It's the boot loader that complained about not finding grub/menu.lst or something.


It was my fault. I didn't understand the "Select all packages by default" question and deselected all packages tongue

Got the system up and running.. Man does it boot quick!

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Re: Help with the configuration files.[SOLVED]

Quoted from Arch Linux installation guide:

Install Bootloader

Install Bootloader will install a bootloader on your hard drive, either GRUB (recommended) or LILO, depending on your personal preference.

Before installing the bootloader, the setup script will want you to examine the appropriate configuration file to confirm the proper settings. Make sure you know what your root (and /boot, if you have it) partitions are.

If you choose to install LILO, the bootloader will be automatically installed according to your settings in the configuration file, whilst GRUB demands the selection of a partition to install the bootloader to. Here you should choose what you would enter as the boot option of LILO, which is usually the entry named /dev/hda, as it refers the master boot record of the first hard disk. Detailed error messages can be found as usual on VC5 (virtual console 5), if anything goes wrong.

Then just under this there's howto setup boot with Grub, did you miss that ?


GRUB is the default bootloader for Arch Linux. You should check and modify this file to accomodate your boot setup if you want to use GRUB, otherwise read on about the LILO configuration.

Configuring GRUB is quite easy, the biggest hurdle is that it uses yet another device naming scheme different from /dev; Your hard disks as a whole are referred to as (hd0), (hd1), etc., sequentially numbered in order of appearance on the IDE/SCSI bus, just like the hda, hdb, etc. names in Linux. The partitions of a disk are referred to with (hd0,0), (hd0,1) and so on, with 0 meaning the first partition. A few conversion examples are included in the default menu.lst to aid your understanding.

Those example are for IDE HDD. If your HDD is SATA you just have to replace 'hdx' with 'sdx'.
Hope that help

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Re: Help with the configuration files.[SOLVED]

riwa wrote:

I just noticed I lack the skill to install Arch.

I like that big_smile - refreshingly honest.

Apart from kozaki's boot-loader specifics, here are some more general points.:

- The conf files are fairly specific to each machine - I could give you a copy of mine, but they wouldn't work for you.
- Beacuse of that, editing the files is an essential part of the install process, not some optional "heavy stuff" that you can do later.
- You need to be able to edit files to use Arch, not just to install it, so you really need to bite the bullet and learn now.

Regarding the installation guide, you should be aware that Arch is intended for people who know a bit about Linux, so the documentation is written with that in mind.

I'm glad you want to stick with it, and here's my suggestion - browse/search around the forum and wiki. Plenty of users have posted rc.conf, menu.lst, etc, at various times for various reasons. Have a look at them, to get a general idea. Edit your files, see what happens. Come back here with specific questions. If you get error messages, post them exactly as you see them i.e. without "or something" at the end. wink

See you soon, I hope.


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