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#1 2006-04-08 16:35:07

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audio and xmms2 help wanted


I'm very new here at these forums as I have just installed arch linux (I'm a gentoo user for some time but now I just wanted to try arch linux)

this is my problem:
I want to install an old pc just for listing to music. (Pentium II, 64mb ram)
the problem is that I have problems with my sound card:
hwd doesn't detect it, but alsaconf does.  I can modprobe it (snd-opti93x) and I get sound out of it, but it plays only about one second of sound and it repeats the whole time.
Does anyone know what I can do about this.

The second problem is that I want to install xmms2 with some client but as I don't know arch linux very well I don't know how to do it, should I just install everything from source or are there other options to do it?


btw: archlinux looks really cool and I think I will love to use it!


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Re: audio and xmms2 help wanted

hi tmske
For your second question:
You migh have found out. otherwise a nice way to get new stuff on arch is to go to the AUR: You might just find the package you need. (there is an xmms2 package)
A tip: instead of always having to go to the website just install qpkg from the aur. This package alows you to search, install and vote (if registered to the AUR) for packages in the AUR.

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