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#1 2006-04-08 20:56:38

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Desktop integration for lightweight WM users

I've been using fluxbox for some time now, and one thing I often miss is better integration between apps. I'm not talking crazy KDE drag anything into anything integration, just "click an URL in Thunderbird, open it in Firefox, click e-mail address in Abiword, start new message in Thunderbird".

The examples I've given work just fine when you've got a full blown DE running, but not in fluxbox without gnome-base or kde-base installed. What I mean is that us lightweight WM users generally get shitcanned.

What I'm thinking is that there must be a light solution to this, some kind of very thin daemon that handles this kind of thing without all the pomp of KDE/Gnome.

So, do you guys know any app that does what I'm looking for?

I'll admit I haven't done much legwork to find it, but as soon as I have the time I'll check if Xfce (the closest thing to a DE I'd consider installing) has a modular enough app I can use.


#2 2006-04-09 08:21:31

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Re: Desktop integration for lightweight WM users

Well, there are some environment variables which are recognized by many apps. E.g., $BROWSER. And, although I do not use nor thunderbird nor abiword, I tend to maintain that the beahviour you mentioned can be configured consistently app-by-app.

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#3 2006-04-09 11:31:55

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Re: Desktop integration for lightweight WM users

If you change the and strings in thuanderbird to point to firefox it will open links in firefox. You can either use the about:config extension or just edit one of the user*.js files, not sure which js file though


#4 2006-04-09 13:47:33

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Re: Desktop integration for lightweight WM users

Thanks to Cerebral, I can tell you that you no longer need either the about:config extension or any manual editing to change these Thunderbird settings. Just go to Edit->Preference->Advanced->Config Editor, and make the changes.


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