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Virtualbox vs QEMU performance (running photoshop)

I have Virtualbox installed and thought I would benchmark the guest os with "optirun" on/off to see if it makes any difference. How ever, it turns out that Virtualbox doesn't support OpenGL/DirectX which makes gfxbench/3dmark to fail running.

I now wonder if QEMU would serve me better for tasks such as running MS Office + Photoshop in a VM? Especially when it comes to DirectX/OpenGL or performance in general?

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Re: Virtualbox vs QEMU performance (running photoshop)

When I was looking up performance comparisons, I stumbled over this Benchmark. As benchmarks outcomes don't neccessarily are comparable to _your_ everyday use case, I would suggest to simply try it out. afaik qemu supports virtualbox images so it shouldn't be to much work.

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