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Finding usb devices like Arduino

Hi everyone,

I'm working with a Spark Photon which is very Arduino-like, if not the same underlying chip (I'm not sure). [ ]

The photon supports serial communication, just like the Arduino. However, I can't find the endpoint on my system to talk to it.
When I use Particle's CLI tool to look for serial devices (particle serial), it fails to find the connected photon.
I've tried searching for it using lsusb and dmesg, but neither show an obvious entry for the photon (I also can't find the  device and vendor ids for it, which would help the search).

What is the proper way to find usb-based serial communication devices in ArchLinux?


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Re: Finding usb devices like Arduino

Well first, look at the output of lsusb and see if it shows up there.
The specific answer to your question is /dev/ttyUSBn ; where n is an integer, starting with 0 for the first device and incrementing for subsequent devices.

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Re: Finding usb devices like Arduino

I'm much more empirical with such things:

$ ls /dev
# look at list.  plug in the device
$ ls /dev
# look at list again.
# Or for those horribly bad at spotting differences:
$ ls /dev > list
# plug in the device
$ diff <(ls /dev) list

If there is no difference, the kernel doesn't recognize the device - you may need a driver (or to reboot if you haven't since your last kernel update).

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