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#1 2006-04-12 21:41:29

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koffice 1.5 and MS

I read some glowing reviews over koffice 1.5 and so decided to install it.  I'm really surprised that, while it can open word files, it does not seem to be able to save files in MS Word format.  This is a pretty big problem for me since I deal with the corporate world on a daily basis.

Is it back to openoffice or is there a solution here that does not involve rtf or some other format?

Same thing with Excel..


#2 2006-04-13 11:23:51

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Re: koffice 1.5 and MS

one workaround could be to export your document to PDF and send it to your customers. that shouldn't be much of a problem for both spreadsheets and text documents.

if it needs to be editable, you have no other choice but to use the existing formats. for MS Office RTF would be the most suitable in my opinion. For spreadsheets it's best to use HTML or PDF which of course is not editable. With Kspread you're out of luck i guess.

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Re: koffice 1.5 and MS

No, I don't think there's a way to do that. Also, if you need to make serious use of the spreadsheet, you'd be better off with As much as I love KOffice, that spreadsheet is not much use.


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