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#1 2006-04-14 02:36:28

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FreePOPs 0.0.98 daemon bug/problem

Hi, I've just installed freepops to download my hotmail's messages and was unable to get it working as a daemon, after some test and errors noticed that the problem is the args from /etc/conf.d/freepopsd file "-s nobody.nobody", for some reason in my system that prevents freepops from working because permission problems, so I deleted it temporarily to get it working right.

But the question is: is that a problem with my system? or a bug? or what?

Anybody knows?. Thanks.

Edit: The exact error message with -w option is:

LUAY: lua error message:
LUAY:    /usr/share/freepops/lua/hotmail.lua:233: log_raw.txt: Permission denied
LUAY: lua stack traceback:
LUAY:    [C]: assert: -1 (C global)
LUAY:    /usr/share/freepops/lua/hotmail.lua: raw: 233 (Lua field)
LUAY:    /usr/share/freepops/lua/hotmail.lua: loginHotmail: 298 (Lua global)


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