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#1 2006-04-14 11:25:46

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Skype No sound! [SOLVED

Hi Arch forum.

I've got a IBM R51 with 0.7.1 Noddle on it. I've found out that in AUR there was a package that contained Skype. That I have a lot of friends around the world, I installed that package.. Without any problems.

But whan I tried it - I have a problem.. There's no sound while using skype..

Normally I have Alsa installed and my sound is working great. Is there any way to solved that problem..

I've also tried to put my headset on the machine - but with the same result..

Have anybody any ideas about solving this problem????


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#2 2006-04-14 11:31:25

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Re: Skype No sound! [SOLVED

modprobe snd-pcm-oss


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