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Open-Xchange groupware

Hi there.

I just finished packaging and testing Open-Xchange for arch linux. It's based purely on the Debian 8 .debs from upstream.

AUR packages are here:

Wiki entry is here:

What's in the AUR are only the packages I KNOW are needed. There's still about 200 more packages to sift through and see how they work.
If anyone wants circumvent the AUR and use my prebuilt packages, here's my custom repository:

Server =

There's quite a lot of packages left that are neither in the AUR nor in my repo. If you absolutely, positively need one of these, send me an Email, but I'd strongly advise against that.
Also, you can simply build the packages yourself. OX is dead simple. 99% of the time it just creates a few new files in /opt/open-xchange/ somewhere. Just modify one of my PKGBUILDs.

Any feedback welcome.

Edit: What is considered best practise in the AUR? Keep all the packages separate or merge at least the base install into one PKGBUILD? As far as I understand it, the AUR doesn't really do groups, does it? But I don't want to spam the AUR with mini packages if avoidable.

Also, while we're at it: Currently OX only uses Apache as a proxy in front of the application. If anyone has an idea for how to convert the Apache configs to valid nginx ones, I'd appreciate the help.
See … es_by_hand for the configs OX uses by default.

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