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[arch64] on asrock dual sata2 amd3200: man, it's faaast :D

First, installation went very well. All I had to do was "modprobe uli526x" (otherwise it did'nt see the sata HDD). Everything else was no different than arch but _faster_
Installed it on a multi-partitionned sata HDD (/ and everything but swap on sda7 for now).
I'd say one starting from Arch64 CD should make sure they know what module their hardware needs, just in case they need to load a specific module during install.

Repos are reasonnably fast from this location (FR), but 400KB/sec is what is slowing things down here : installing xorg stuff took, err 5 seconds (not counting download time) big_smile

Now i eventually installed and started fluxbox without a single xorg.conf, and know what ? it just started, I'm typing right from Arch64 (of course it's flickering @ 60Hz and my Azerty keyboard is recognised as a Qwerty, but still smile

Just hard to believe how painless it was till now in this location.
syamajalam AndyRTR, Mr Green, Camm and other arch64 contributors, you're doing a fast and very good job big_smile

well I'm gonna configure xorg now wink

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